July 18, 2015: Reusing discarded bluestone

A passing park visitor helped Butterfly Gardeners transport and lift a discarded slab of bluestone onto the old stump in the Monarch Butterfly Garden habitat creating a perfect work surface for volunteer gardeners.

Purple blazing stars (Scientific/Botanical name: Liatris spicata) are standing tall alongside the white blossoms of the mountain mintScientific/Botanical name: Pycnanthemum virginianum). The mammoth Sunflowers are growing rapidly in the foreground and will be in full bloom by the end of August. These sunflowers were planted from seeds harvested from last years crop of sunflowers.

Our seed harvesting project initiated in the fall 0f 2014 has been a success. Both Milkweed and Sunflower seeds germinated beautifully. FOBP has been busy distributing seeds to volunteers. Friends of Brower Park seed packets–designed by Ana and Naia are beautiful and informative. Instructions are included in the packaging. We encourage everyone to plant Milkweed to help the Monarch Butterfly survive. Milkweed is the Monarch’s host plant and the only plant the Monarch Caterpillar will eat. So plant them in containers, windowboxes, and gardens. Let’s do our part to help the Monarch Butterfly survive.

Sunflower Seed Label                     Milkweed Seed Packet Label

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