Your donations support our work in providing free programming to the Brower Park community and helps us maintain Brower Park’s plant and wildlife inventory. Through “Discover the Natural World” activities we encourage Citizen Stewardship of Brower Park and have an outreach program to local schools and cultural organizations. Our partners include the George V. Brower Elementary School, the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, the New York City Composting Project, the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, the NYC Parks Department. The Brower Park community through a lens of stewardship has the opportunity to care for and observe the healthy ecosystems of native plants and wildlife that have been reestablishing their niches. The milkweed plants have not only attracted Monarch Butterflies but have also attracted orange and black milkweed bugs, lady bugs, aphids, and preying mantis. Crickets and grasshoppers have returned enjoying the safety of gardens and the restoration of insect they prey upon.

Our accomplishments:

  • The building of a Monarch Butterfly Garden in 2013;
  • Weekly Monarch Butterfly Garden stewardship activities since 2013;
  • Hands-on Tree Care activities;
  • Leaf-Mold Composting with the NYC Composting Project and distribution of compost to community gardeners;
  • Seed harvesting, packaging and distributing of native seeds to the Crown Heights community;
  • Led the effort to replace 35 trees destroyed by hurricanes Irene and Sandy;
  • Increased the number of native plants in plant beds;
  • Led the effort to create the Shirley Chisholm Circle in Brower Park;
  • Planted over 5000 bulbs through participation in the Daffodil Project;
  • 2010 revitalization of Brower Park by planting welcome gardens
  • Educational activities
    • constructing a seed germinator from recycled egg cartons
    • constructing butterfly wings to follow the Monarch’s migration route between Canada and Mexico;
    • seed harvesting and seed anatomy
    • building a home Butterfly Habitat
    • identifying the life in a leaf-mold bin

Friends of Brower Park needs your financial support in order to expand our mission to bring the natural world back into our urban mindset. We want to do more for the Brower Park Community.

Thank you for your donation.
Checks may be mailed to: Friends of Brower Park, Inc., P.O. Box 339, Brooklyn, NY 11213