July 25, 2015: Indoor Composting Workshop in Brower Park

On July 25, 2015, Friends of Brower Park in partnership with the NYC Compost Project hosted a composting workshop. Crown  Heights residents and guests of the Brooklyn Children’s Museum participated in creating an apartment sized compost bin.


The materials include: a 30 quart plastic container, newspaper to make bedding, potting soil, a hand drill, and of course red wiggler worms.

Strips of newspaper were torn to make edible bedding for the red wigglers. The worms will eat the bedding along with the food scraps we bury beneath the bedding.20150725_125841-web

The children just couldn’t help but cuddle the worms in their palms while the adults drilled air holes in the plastic container.

The materials can be purchased at the Lower East Side Ecology Center. I have the full-size indoor bin and find it a bit large for NYC apartments. Our apartment sized bin is half the size and requires only one  half pound of wrigglers. It is a Sterilite Ultra Latch, 30 Qt. container that measures 18 1/4″ L x 12 1/4″ W x 11 1/2″ H.

Friends of Brower Park is planning another indoor composting workshop for November in conjunction with the NYC Compost Project‘s Leaf Crunch Event [hosted at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden]. A guide to composting can be found at their site.

If you prefer dropping off your food scraps drop off locations are listed on the NYC Department of Sanitation website.

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