TreeLC–March 19, 2016

Today, the TreeLC truck came to Brower Park with tools, mulch, and collapsible water buckets. The TreeLC truck was an initiative of the Million Trees Project, The millionth tree was planted this summer (2015) in the Bronx. The program is now transitioning to a street tree stewardship program. The TreeLC truck is available to block associations and groups who want to become the stewards of their block’s trees. Of course, Friends of Brower Park, has its own Tree Captain who will arrange a street tree stewardship event for your block upon request. You can send a request to Provide a few alternative dates.

Today, five volunteers, remediated 10 tree pits on Park Place and Brooklyn Avenue ending at St. Marks Avenue. We broke up the compacted soil to: introduce air into the soil to allow the tree’s roots to breath. Breaking up the soil creates air pockets that hold water. Mulch was then placed over the soil to protect the soil from erosion and prevent compaction–it also invites microbes and insects to breakdown the mulch and produce a nutrient rich soil for the tree to absorb through its roots. During winter cold, mulch acts as a blanket to keep the tree’s roots warm and toasty.

Our next step will be placing native plants into the pits along with tulip bulbs and crocus. By doing this we are protecting the soil from erosion, but, we are reestablishing a Brooklyn ecosystem.

By helping our trees remain healthy they will:

  • Clean the air by absorbing carbon and other particulates
  • Provide homes and nourishment for native wildlife
  • Help reduce flooding
  • Help us reduce energy costs by lowering the air temperature on hot summer days.