Lawn Rehabilitation in Progress September – June 2017

A Note from Brooklyn Borough Commissioner Kevin Jeffrey:

To Our Brower Park Neighbors:

Thank you for your continued support for and interest in Brower Park.  Most of you receiving this update participated during the community forums held on August 11 and October 14, 2015 provided us with feedback on the upcoming lawn restoration project at Brower.  We are excited to announce a timeline for the repairs, consistent with those messaged in last year’s meetings.

The Central Park Conservancy has been very helpful in working with NYC Parks to provide lawn maintenance resources for Brower Park.  The Conservancy’s Five Borough Crew will work with Parks beginning this September to perform a renovation of the main oval lawn at the park.  The goal of the project, as you know, is to create a greener, healthier lawn by aerating the soil, relieving compaction, and adding seed for desirable turf grass.  These efforts require the lawn to be closed to the public for a period of time from the upcoming project start date in September of this year through June of next year.

We understand concerns regarding access to the lawn in this heavily-used neighborhood park and appreciate your patience while we work to restore this shared green space.


Kevin Jeffrey

Brooklyn Borough Commissioner

NYC Parks

20160915_Lawn Rehabilitation 1

20160916_Lawn Rehabilitation 2

20160916_Lawn Renovation 3

20160916_Lawn Rehabilitation

20160928_Lawn Renovation 4It took the Central Park Conservancy 5 Borough Gardeners close to 2 weeks to de-compact the soil using an aerator. The compaction was 12″ inches deep as so hard that the lawn had to be wet down in order to prevent the aerator from overheating. New soil and compost was then added and grass seed spread into the rich soil compound. With sprinklers borrowed from the Prospect Park Alliance, the burgeoning lawn is being watered daily by our NYC Parks Brooklyn Gardeners.